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Hand-Painted Greeting, Note and Wedding Cards   

Hand Painted Greeting Cards

Inspired by a love of fine art, our creator Maureen Lacey has had a long-time vision for cards of uncompromising quality which provided the starting point from which genuine personal connections are made. All about professional, elegant design that is fresh, original and one-of-a-kind, Cards by Lacey Design has been pioneering the field for over 12 years in creating handmade cards.

Our Beliefs

We believe in embracing everything that life has to offer. We elevate everyday living and moments in the life journey to become joyful events, visual statements and objects of beauty that convey a sense of self and punctuate the way we experience life. We draw inspiration from everywhere and take a faithful approach in creating our special occasion cards of beauty. With an unwavering dedication to outstanding quality and artist technique, you'll be giving your loved one not just any greeting card, but a special one that can be framed, guarded and cherished for a long-time coming.

Truly, the difference between one of our cards and the mass-produced variety is the difference between Night and Day. Aspire to celebrate the joy of an event in a special way all your own with something unique and one-of-a-kind. A Card by Lacey Design card sincerely communicates that every personal connection has meaning and should be honored with the caring choice of someone who knows and understands quality; someone like you.