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Hand Painted Wedding, Thank You and Personal Note Cards

When only the best will do!

Cards by Lacey Design is a hand-painted Greeting Card company founded by Maureen Lacey and based in Tampa, Florida. Our design inspiration comes from creativity, people, animals, flowers, nature and all things joyful. Each greeting card is an original hand-painted design, and we continually experiment with new designs and delight in an industry that is innovative and beautiful.

Each card is signed by the artist, made suitable for framing and is a limited edition. Whether you are celebrating a Birthday Anniversary, Christening, Holiday, Wedding or simply want to say " hi" to a loved one, consider a custom, hand-painted card that is unique, one-of-a-kind and communicates a simple “I love you” through your choice in opting out of the mass produced variety of greeting cards.

Our Mission

Our mission at Lacey Design is to provide individuality to our hand-painted items to every customer, every day, all around the world. Our integrity is in the unique design of each and every card we produce.