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Invitations by Lacey Design Group
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Hand painted pillows, Tampa, Fla.

At Cards by Lacey Design, we can produce special custom orders, themes and add painted details to your previously purchased wedding invitations or other cards. Our cards or hand-painted touches are perfect in up-scaling an invite to any event. 

Card of the Month Club

A one-year membership in our Card of the Month Club means we'll send a mailed hand-painted card to your favorite person each month. This is a great opportunity to have 12 different cards sent over the course of one calendar year. Season and gender appropriate, hand addressed and mailed.

We offer:

  • Hand-painted cards and pillows for all occasions:
  •   Holidays
  •   Birthdays
  •   Anniversaries
  •   Thank You cards
  •   Invitations
  •   Pillows

  • Our cards are sold in packs of 4
  • All of our cards come with hand-painted envelopes